How HotelEXPERT Works

We first want to get to know your property and how it works so we can provide you with the best customer service. Our HotelEXPERT consultants will come to your property to learn the ins and outs. Our consultants will then customize your platform to fit your management style and brand guidelines.

Once the software is in place, it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. When a guest calls with a request, your staff or our operators input the ticket into HotelEXPERT and it automatically dispatches the appropriate staff member.
  2. The staff member performs the task and closes the ticket via mobile device or house phone.
  3. The ticket registers as closed in your system and HotelEXPERT gathers analytics on the staff member’s efficiency and guest preferences. You receive real-time analytics and reporting on staff performance, ticket status, preventative maintenance and custom reports—all of which are designed for your needs.
HotelEXPERT Ticket Console
The Ticket Console gives you a live view of open tickets. It can be filtered or show all open tickets.
HotelEXPERT Ticketing
Opening a ticket on the desktop can be done on any browser.
HotelEXPERT PMS interface
With our PMS interface, you’ll be able to auto populate the guest’s name and check in/out dates just by putting in their room number.
HotelEXPERT Employee Software
Adding and editing employees is simple.
HotelEXPERT Software
Adding tasks and subtasks or editing them has never been easier.
HotelEXPERT Dashboard
The user-friendly Dashboard gives a live overview of the up-to-date happenings in the hotel, from open, closed and unassigned tickets to occupancy and callbacks. You’ll be able to get a quick snapshot just by looking at the Dashboard.